Flexi-Fix Toilet Seat - How to Fit

Watch how simple and stress-free our range of Flexi-Fix toilet seats are to install. The patented hinge design allows users to align the seat with confidence given that our range of motion is much higher than any other toilet seat! 

How To Fit...

Stick 'n' Lock accessories
Stick 'n' Lock shower rod
Hang 'n' Lock mirror Installation
Illuminated Hang 'n' Lock cabinet
Shower curtain clip Installation
Flexi-Fix wall accessories
Flexi-Fix riser rail Installation
Aluminium cabinets Installation
Space saver shower rod
Flexi-Fix cabinets demo
Flexi-Fix storage baskets
Hang 'n' Lock illuminated mirrors
Flexi-Fix toilet seat avoid slipping
Quick release & soft close toilet seats
Grab 'n' Grip bars Installation
Hook over riser rail basket

Product Demos

Hook 'n' Hang shower curtains
Hook over wireware product demo
Boost shower pressure easily
Save 80% on liquid soaps