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Neutral Bathroom Tones

Whites, creams and beige in the bathroom, inspiration from scandi bathrooms/spas.


A neutral aesthetic will always be a timeless favourite in interior design. The crisp, clean simplicity of creams, whites and beiges create a warm yet calming atmosphere which works beautifully in any room.

The Scandinavian inspired take on neutral has developed since the 1950’s into one of the most sought-after trends in bathroom styling, the sleek blend of natural textures, soft hues, and minimalist décor can elevate your bathroom from a plain space to a tranquil retreat.

Creating your very own Nordic spa at home doesn’t need a full bathroom renovation, the look can be achieved through thoughtful styling, complementary accessories, and a focus on enhancing natural light.

Neutral, muted paint colours set against natural wooden accessories and clean lines are simple ways to achieve the look, pine and bamboo are firm favourites for injecting a touch of the outdoors to your space – especially when it comes to choosing the perfect bath bench for those relaxing bubble baths. Reflecting natural light is another key aspect of the scandi-style so choosing a large, plain mirror that makes a bold, yet simple statement will open the room and complete the look.