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Illuminated Mirrors Create The Illusion Of Space And Luxury

With the average UK bathroom being the smallest room in the house, the use of mirrors in interior design has always played an essential role in creating the illusion of a larger space. By reflecting the light source mirrors can also be used as a great and inexpensive way to increase the natural light in your bathroom and provide instant brightness.

Newer innovations and designs have paved the way for integration of modern technology into these mirrors to make them functional as well as a versatile option for decoration.

One of the innovative changes in mirrors is the integration of LED lights to add beauty to the space and enhance the functionality of the space they are installed in. Much like natural day light illuminated LED mirrors give a lot more clarity and correct colours to help you achieve the perfect look.

Illuminated LED mirrors are available in various shapes and sizes with different lighting combinations. The integrated smart technology in these mirrors helps to increase the functionality as well as conserve energy. Some of the key features of these are:

·         Touch Sensors: This technology helps to switch the light on and off using touch and has a modern look and feel

·         Integrated Demister Pads: Allows mirrors to remain steam free and usable at all times

·         Magnifying Mirror: Perfect for applying makeup or shaving

Illuminated mirrors are the perfect addition to your home, whether its to create the illusion of space, increase the natural light or make routine tasks like applying makeup or shaving more comfortable.  With the majority of the range also including an easy installation self-levelling bracket, there really is something for everyone.