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Deep Blue Tones

Relaxation, calmness and tranquillity spring to mind when you see the colour blue, which would explain the reason for the popularity of this colour.  Associated with water, it promotes calmness and cleanliness, making it a great fit for both traditional, contemporary and nautical themed bathrooms.


From navy to midnight, baby blue to sky, there are a number of soulful blues that you can incorporate into your bathroom’s design, regardless of the size.  Gold accessories work especially well with the deeper tones, replicating a sumptuous feel that can be seen in high end hotels.  Mineral blues can create a feeling of peace and serenity in a bathroom, often associated with a spa setting.  The classic blue and white pairing is quite intrinsically linked to the nautical theme.


Injecting the deep blue tones is made easy by using either paint, tiles or accessories to accentuate in the bathroom.  With wallpaper becoming more common this is also another option when it comes to creating the look.  To be inspired check out the latest room set shots below.