Black Bathrooms

Timeless, mysterious and seductive, black is a colour that exudes elegance and sophistication. Highly versatile, its use in décor can be understated and subtle, or bold and dramatic.

An increasingly popular colour within bathrooms, black pairs beautifully with other colours, textures and materials. Black’s adaptable characteristics are as suited to glamourous Deco interiors as they are more contemporary semi-industrial looks.

A modern reimagining of heritage post-industrial steelwork windows, black Crittall shower enclosures are a hot new bathroom trend. Other popular trends such as geometric black and white tiles and natural stone finishes perfectly complement this statement piece.  

If you’re not looking to completely renovate your bathroom, simply updating to black accessories can transform it. Our black accessories are easy to install and a very cost-effective way to completely reimagine your bathroom oasis.   

We offer a full range of quality black bathroom accessories and homewares to help you achieve the look for less.

Or, if you’re looking for even more inspiration on your bathroom makeover, browse our range of accessories.