How to choose the right toilet seat

Choosing a new toilet seat can be a daunting task. Fear not, we have pulled together a handy gude to make sure you make the right choice for the most important seat in your home!

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Always Fits & Never Slips! 
This innovative fixing technique offers wide range of adjustability meaning seats are compatible with all standard toilet pans. Easy to install, the secure grip pad will also not move out of place, letting you say goodbye to wobbly seats.
Seat can be removed entirely with the push of one button, ideal for cleaning. Soft close hinges ensure a slow and steady close, ideal for no more trapped fingers and stopping the midnight toilet seat close waking everyone up! Special anti-bacterial treatment protects against:
*E-coli *Listeria * Salmonella *MRSA *Odours *Staining *Mould *Mildew
No More Movement!
Collapsible supports hold the hinges away from pan whilst  you align your new seat. Once pressure is applied, pads beneath the hinges grip the toilet pan for a secure fit.


    Polypropylene &Themorset Plastic               Moulded & Solid Wood              
+ Scratch resistant
+ Durable and strong
+ Easy to clean
- Can be cold to the touch
+ Selection of colours and finishes
+ Easy to clean
+ Better comfort level than plastic seats
- May be subject to staining or wear

How to install

Installing a seat may seem daunting but is easy to do when you choose the right product.
  • Look at your pans fixing centres to choose a seat with compatible hinges. Alternatively, you can choose any of our Flexi-Fix™ seats that are fully adjustable!
  • Decide whether you want to top or bottom fix.
  • Use the right tools - Any good seat should come with the relevant fixings but you will need a screwdriver to hand.


Slimline seats offer a simple way to add a contemporary touch to any bathroom. 

Guaranteed to add a stylish touch into any suite, a D-Shaped seat offers a modern finish. 

Traditional yet timeless, rounded seats are available in plenty of finishes. 

Offering a nod to on-trend New England styling, a Tongue and Groove seat proves that even this essential accessory can be used to dress a room. 

From glamorous quartz finishes to nature-inspired granite designs, a feature seat can add a touch of personality.