Can I still return products during the COVID-19 pandemic?
Its business as usual for us so please refer to our returns statement here.

I hate DIY... is it hard to install your bathroom accessories?
Within each of our product ranges there are a selection of fitting methods that are aimed to suit any type of bathroom. From no-drill baskets to single person installation of cabinets and mirrors, our innovative fixing systems mean that everyone can have a fabulous bathroom!

Toilet Seats

My toilet seat keeps coming loose, what can I do?
A wobbly loo seat is the ultimate bathroom annoyance! If you are tired of putting up with toilet seats that have a mind of their own then our Flexi-Fix™ options are a must have!
The fully adjustable hinges are not only compatible with all standard UK pans, but promise to NEVER BECOME LOOSE! A high strength adhesive pad holds firmly in place putting an end to the midnight toilet shift which never ends well….
How do I install my toilet seat?
All seats are different, but thanks to our in-house design team, all from BathShopOnline are simple to fit. Every seat comes with full instructions which have been tested by the most novice of DIY’ers to make sure they offer full support.
If you need any advice just contact us via phone or any of our social media channels, we are always ready to help.
I need a new seat but there are so many options, how do I choose?
Fear not, we have pulled together a handy guide to choosing the most important seat in the house which can be found here.


How can I keep my bathroom sanitary during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Regular deep cleaning and having the right bathroom accessories are essential at any time but even more important in the current climate. Most of our products are supplied with care instructions, which detail how best to look after the product. But for the majority of our products we recommend cleaning them with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. We advise strongly against the use of all cleaning products. For mirrored and wooden furniture we recommend a cloth well wrung out in warm soapy water, and immediately after with a soft, dry, lint free cloth. In hard water areas, water left sitting on shower enclosures can result in water marks, so it would be advisable to dry after use. A squeegee would work well here.

As well as these simple steps, a selection of our shower curtainsbath-mats and toilet seats feature anti-microbial and anti-bacterial surfaces which further prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

How do I care for my new BathShopOnline product?
All products contain full care instructions to help you maintain a clean and hygienic space. As we understand that bathrooms are one of the busiest rooms in the house all of our accessories are easy to maintain. Most surfaces can be wiped clean, shower curtains can be machine washed and mats can be hand washed.

Rented or Temporary Living

Are your products suitable for rented homes?
We understand that not everyone has the option to drill into walls and make permanent changes to a room. That is why we have created a number of solutions that can be glued and stuck into place. Our accessories are made to be long lasting we would hope you love your BathShopOnline product so much that it is moved to any new home with you.
I am not allowed to drill holes in my bathroom walls, what can you advise?
Not allowed to drill holes? We have got you covered!

Flexi-Fix™ wall mounted accessories can be glued into place and removed easily.
Stick ‘n’ Lock™ baskets, rods and accessories simply stick and lock onto most surfaces which a high strength pad.
The clue is in the name with our Press ‘n’ Lock™ products, a simple suction pad holds products securely.
Of course there is always the option for keeping any bathroom tidy and organised with hook over and freestanding products.

The beauty with any of these products is that they can come with you to your next home, offering you a worthy investment.


Saving money and water is important to me, what would you advise?
Our Aqua Air™ handsets feature a water saving device which would suit you just fine. Simply look for the water saving logo for any products that offer a saving of up to 50%.
I do not have a shower but am not interested in plumbing a new system in, what can I do?
Installing a shower can be a costly project so we have made it our mission to provide products that can add a shower function into your room quickly and easily. We offer complete showering sets and shower spray tap attachments as well as lots of other accessories that can help you maximise the efficiency of your bathroom in minutes.


I think my bathroom looks amazing with my new Bath Shop Online accessory, can I be featured on your website and social media channels?
Of course! We always love to see our accessories looking beautiful in bathrooms. Send us a photo or tag us in any of your posts so that we share with everyone.

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How do I review your products?
Your feedback is vitally important to us, so reviewing a product is simple. Just click the 'write a review' link on the product page, complete the review and submit. We will use this review as part of our ongoing research, and we may display it on our website.
Still have a question? No worries, just contact us here