Flexi-Fix Toilet Seats

A wide range of adjustability ensures the hinges always align with the holes in your toilet pan and can be installed from above or below the toilet. Fits "All Ways". 

Collapsible supports hold the hinges away from the pan while you align the seat. Once pressure is applied pads beneath the hinges grip the toilet pan so it "Never Slips".


 3 Step Installation - It couldn't be simpler!
1. Peel of the protective film from the grip pad.   
2. Position the seat, press the hinges in place and tighten the fixing bolts for a sturdy no slip installation.
3. Clip the hinge covers in position and you are ready to go, it couldn't be simpler!
Solutions for every style

Flexi-Fix seats are the answer to the common issue of seats becoming loose over time. The innovative grip pad technology and pioneering patented 'V' plate hinges provide maximum adjustment to fit the fixing holes of any standard toilet making the seats easy to fix, suitable for a wide range of toilet pans and, most importantly, completely secure. 
Always fits cutting edge design never slips

Fitting a Flexi-Fix seat could not be easier. The seats fit toilet pans with fixing holes from 110mm to 200mm - far greater than the 145mm to 165mm specified in the European Standard EN33. The 60cm forward and backward adjustability range ensures the seat can be fitted to the correct final position all whilst the collapsible supports hold the hinges away from the pan. 

Once the self-adhesive pad backing has been removed and the position finalised, the seat can be fixed into place by applying a little pressure. The supports collapse and the high strength self-adhesive pads grip the toilet pan for secure fit which will not come loose or slip. As the grip pad technology is a pressure sensitive adhesive, it is easy to re-position the hinges during initial installation if slight adjustment to the selected position is required. Finally use the top or bottom fixings supplied to secure in place.
Loaded with Benefits

Alongside the innovative hinge technology are a selection of features all aimed to increase the usability and durability of the Flexi-Fix seat.

Look out for the below icons:

    Always fits, never slips. Easy installation.

  Protects against - Salmonella, Odours, Staining, E-Coli, Listeria and MRSA

  Slowly and quietly closes the toilet seat eliminating slamming and trapped fingers, especially where small children have access.

  Easy to remove system allows for seat to be completely removed from the pan for easy cleaning.

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