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Botanical Bathrooms

Botanical bathrooms, a leafy trend that started in 2017 has evolved more recently into the ‘biophilic’ bathroom.

Originally, the trend was simply about bringing the outdoors in and creating a more relaxing, naturally-inspired interior. There was also the added benefit of improved air quality. Colours were unsurprisingly greens and earthy tones, or bright whites to contrast with the plants.

Today, there is a lot more evidence of the health and wellbeing benefits of being in natural surroundings. Being close to nature relaxes us, it lowers our blood pressure and heartrate, and improves productivity and creativity. Just what we need to destress as we escape the hustle and bustle of daily life!

Biophilic (a love of nature) design goes further than colours and plant life. It incorporates more natural textures like wood and stone, and naturally inspired shapes and patterns. Earthy tones, and especially greens are ideal, although trendy greys and whites still work well as contrast colours.

Although ideal, surfaces needn’t be stone or wood – a similar calming-effect can be achieved with textured tiles that mimic nature. The resurgence of wall papers in bathrooms are ideal for this, with bold botanical patterns creating a stunning feature wall. These patterns can be very busy, so we’d recommend keeping it to one feature wall to maintain the calm atmosphere!

Light is also a key consideration in biophilic design, so use mirrors to reflect and maximise light within the space. White light LEDs can also help, especially in darker bathrooms, or bathrooms with no windows.

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